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Statistics show that the SOAR® Selling processes provide an up to 90% contact rate with Decision Makers and High Influencers on every new net dial to a new prospect while the average contract rate on net new dials is 10-15%. Looking for more sales? You need to make more contact. We are your solution.

More Contact = More Sales =$$$

Welcome to the Transformation Factor™ where we transform your sales mechanics and mindset.

When it comes to selling, you’ve got to reach the decision maker! With a 29-year history of success, our master SOAR® sales trainers will teach your sales team what to say to get to the decision maker and what to say once they are there to drive net new revenue. Then they will live dial with your team to help them get those appointments with the decision maker while coaching them with exactly what to say on the call while they learn our process. Powerful!

What else gets you in the door besides mechanics? Mindset! As Henry Ford said, “If you think you can, you can!” We have a staff of Summit Transformation™ facilitators to help your sale team remove their negative self-talk, mind-chatter and limiting-beliefs to create their ultimate sales success. Whether it’s sales team mindset transformation, deep dives with your leadership in transformation, or keynote talks, we’ve got you covered.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Results!

Companies who use our SOAR® report:

200-2000% ROI in 12 weeks! (Based on client surveys.)

Professionals who use our Summit Transformation™ facilitators report:

80-89% improvement in their professional success in only 1 week! (Based on client surveys.)

Some of the companies who’ve used SOAR® Selling:

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  • Master Trainer Quality
  • Top Rated Leadership Training
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  • Selling Power Award
  • Top 125 Training Magazine

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