About Us


With a 29-year history of sales training success, SOAR® Selling 2.0 has a proven method to reach decision makers.

If your company is looking to drive net new business, your sales team needs to speak to decision makers.

Most companies are missing out on net new business because they are only getting to the decision maker about 10-15% of the time.

SOAR® selling has the secret to get your sales team speaking with the decision maker up to 90% of the time on net new dials, driving revenue like you’ve never experienced before.

Reported ROI form SOAR® selling training is documented at 200-2000% within 12 weeks with a 29-year success history worldwide.

Let us train your team on how to get to the decision maker and then our master trainer will do live dials with your team, helping them put our work into practice and getting the appointments they’ve been dreaming of securing.

Want to track your SOAR® selling results? We can coach your leadership teams on tracking processes so you can statistically see the ROI from your investment.


Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t-you’re right. Napoleon Hill wrote about the importance of a positive mental attitude in Think and Grow Rich. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale also wrote about mindset in his book The Power of Positive Thinking. If you are looking to perform in the top 20%, you’ve got to have the right mental attitude.

If you have the right mental attitude you will get to the top. You’ll be like a dog with a bone to your goals and dreams.

If you only have the mechanic but don’t believe in yourself, you will let that negative self-talk, mind-chatter and limiting beliefs keep you from your ultimate success.

We offer two forms of mindset training. We do conscious mind corporate training, helping your staff catch their negative thoughts and transform them to positive success generating thoughts.

We also offer group and private coaching to transform your subconscious beliefs using the Summit Transformation™ method created by co-founder Jenny Harkleroad to help fast track your staff to their ultimate success.

Changing subconscious beliefs makes success automatic by programming your mind to achieve your goals while coaching you through action plans and tracking your progress. This subconscious process is best for leadership teams and leaders looking for deep transformation work in all areas of personal and professional success.

We also offer keynote speaking on mindset, leadership and sales success.